SBD FAJA is a company in the field of preventive services medical, spread in several different categories, Established by Mustafa Horeshka since 2014.

About the founder of the company!

Mustafa Horeshka was born on June 26, 1985 in the village of Sohodoll, Dibër region, he completed his primary and secondary education in his hometown, then he studied Veterinary Medicine 2003 - 2008 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Agricultural University of Tirana.

In 2014 he took the initiative to open a professional business Veterinary Pharmacy "FAJA", during this period in addition to PMVs has traded herbal medicinal products, as their connoisseur since they have been part of the teaching curricula of the Faculty.

In 2016 - 2020 continues at the Directorate of Regional Agriculture Dibër, as a Contractor of State Veterinary Services in implementation of National Strategies for the eradication of zoonotic diseases (vaccinations, traces, etc.), Livestock Identification (cattle and small), and Certification Their health to the Slaughterhouse, for human consumption, receiving and sending samples from the farm to the relevant laboratories for monitoring chemical waste, etc. in animal products for Human consumption such as milk, eggs, honey, fish, meat, etc. according to the MBZHR monitor plan.

In 2019, taking the lead from Cov-19, increases the activity in the field of Disinfection, at the same time and in search of hyperimmunization. The latter was made possible in Cooperation as Partners with LR.

We want to be healthy everywhere, everytime, inside ourself, inside our family, everywhere we work, play, and more!

We make it with our professionalism, with our partners with love for all!